How To Prepare For Your New Baby’s First Portraits

How To Prepare For Your New Baby’s First Portraits

Dress your baby in a plain diaper if you have one. Followed by a cute short sleeved diaper shirt. It can be pink or blue or patterned but words do not

show well. Then have an outfit you like over top. That way when you arrive to the studio we can start taking photos without disturbing the baby. Then we can easily remove layers as we go. The favorite photos tend to be no clothes just diaper covers which I have a selection of.

I have lots of props but your welcome to bring sentimental items from home such as:

Hats, blankets, teddy bears, sport/hobby items, work place objects, heritage items etc…

What should parents wear? Most newborn sessions are done on the black drop. When your wear a black top on the black drop any baby weight will be hidden J. The focus stays on the baby and the bonding relationships.

Be prepared to feed and change diapers while you are here for about 2 hours. A note to nursing moms avoid gassy foods. Try to give the baby a good feed before driving to the studio.

Hope you find these tips helpful. I look forward to photographing your new baby.

Thank you

Charlie Vowles