Tips for Winter Engagement Photography Session

Tips for Winter Engagement Photography Session

If you have a spring wedding coming up you may find yourself outside in the cold in order to take your engagement portraits. Here are some helpful tips for winter engagement photos.

lucille2Tip 1.
Dress in layers. This will keep you warm but also allows you to easily change your clothes outside. Its nice to achieve a variety of different looks with fun accessories such as scarves, hats, jackets and props.

Tip 2.
Pick a location that looks good in the winter. Architectural elements like barns, fences, brick, heritage buildings and evergreen shrubs and trees make for beautiful backdrops.

Tip 3.
Bring fun props that keep you moving to keep you warm and take your mind off the camera. This couple played with their beautiful dog Lily, nice for action shots and candids. The couple had fun with the Lois and Clark theme jumping and pretending to fly adding more fun photos for variety in their album.

Tip 4.
Do Not wear black! Wear colours to brighten up a dull winters day. For Lucille and Luke the Superman shirt and cape gave us a nice pop of red adding interest and character to the photos. Incorporate your wedding colours into your clothes, accessories and props so that your engagement photos can be a part of your wedding decor at the reception sign in table and wine labels or table place cards etc..

Get out and enjoy taking your winter engagement photos! book now